The inexpressible freedom of art and femininity in motion.

By women, for women, Koncho Verona encourages females of all ages and nationalities to embrace the outdoors and connect with each other and their urban environment through the unique junction of skateboarding and art.

Celebrating everyday women in motion, their limited-edition skateboard transition decks and cruisers feature original artwork from prominent Australian female artists Anya Brock, Carla McRae and Jodee Knowles.

Assembly + Co. worked with the team on all aspects of brand and product development, through to artist collaborations and licensing to launch the ecommerce platform Koncho Verona to market.

So kick off your fears, step away from the norm, grab your girlfriends and go for a roll.


  • Anya Brock
  • Carla McRae
  • Jodee Knowles
  • Penny Lane
  • Zebra Creative
  • STM Perth